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SLP is a multi-faceted company that is dedicated to helping our Partners & clients reach their highest potential and obtain their version of success with their businesses. We do this in a variety of ways and with many different types of business ventures.

One of the largest ways we do this is with social media marketing. As many business owners know, social media is becoming more and more crucial in EVERY business’s marketing plan. We at SLP know and understand this too. We have researched, discovered, created and adjusted our social media presence and have developed systems to tap into the potential of social media marketing. This is what we do daily to run OUR business.

However, not everyone has the time, or if we’re being honest, the desire, to do all of the market research & analysis, content creation, development of a social media marketing strategy, or even the day to day management of social media channels, dashboards, and content.

Fortunately for these businesses, SLP has recently added social media management, (SMM), to our growing list of products and services that we offer. Our current SMM clients are excited and motivated business owners that need support on the social media front while they are out making their dreams happen; and SLP is here to lend them the necessary support.


Is Social Media Management something that YOU need to help push your business to the next level? If so, contact SLP via one of the following methods and we’ll talk! We will customize a SMM plan that works for you and get you started down a path of next-level business marketing.

You can reach SLP by:
Messaging us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram OR emailing us here!

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