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Introducing…. RapidFire!!

Most “Book World” professionals recognize and utilize the necessary evil that is THE TAKEOVER. TOs aren’t a new idea. Reader group TOs aren’t a new idea either. And, debate and/or preference of TO length is as varied as the day is long. However, we think that many would agree that the traditional Takeover isn’t as beneficial as it once was, and the time invested in attending or planning/hosting most TO events is exponential and valuable. It’s time that authors could be spending on writing or promo teams could be spending on promoting the authors they love.

What is the purpose of a TO? In short, to reach NEW readers. But what usually ends up happening? An author’s current fans and current readers show up to a TO to show support to their favorites, then, because they’ve just invested an hour or two out of their day, they have to leave in order to go fulfill their obligations.  That author’s fans miss out on finding their next new “favorite” author because they’ve just used their free time being sold on a ‘product’ that they’ve already bought into.  The other authors at the event, and his/her fans, run through the same cycle.  In the end, the event turns out to be little more than a public place for current friends to hang out, without really meeting anyone new.

Enter, RapidFire. RFTOs are built slightly differently. 3 authors, 1 hour, rapid succession, only 20 mins out of your day, and NEW fan bases literally delivered to your doorstep, then inviting you to play at “their house”.

Intrigued?  Want to know MORE?!

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Option 2- Email us at RapidFire@sophielynnproductions.com.

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Welcome to the FIRE!!

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