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SLP is “the gallery” within which each of its Partners have access to “display their art”.  It is the “meeting place” for the masses to gather and enjoy the exhibits it holds. SLP operates under the idea to market ONE PRODUCT to ONE PERSON and do it MULTIPLE TIMES.  The effort that it takes to market a single product to an audience is much less than the effort to market multiple products.The SLP Business Model allows for SLP to become “the product” and that product has many different working parts within it, namely, the Partners.  

What is an SLP Partner?

An SLP Partner is a person or organization that believes in the power of combining individual efforts to better benefit the whole.  Each Partner is an asset in some way; each brings a special skills set, a necessary product or service, or other benefit to the SLP organization and its Partners.  An SLP Partner has a collaborative mentality that will help not only themselves, but will also help SLP and the other Partners grow and succeed.

Want to get to know our Partners better?

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You can also find them hanging out and having some fun in the SLP Partners & Followers Group.

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