Another visit with RWE….

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to one of our SLP Partners, Royalty Writes Enterprises. Keep reading to get a little more insight into RWE.

Royalty Writes Enterprises was founded in 2018 as a publisher of books. We specialize in multi-author collections to build exposure, togetherness, and to give readers a full experience in one read. We’ve received several awards based on reader recommendations as well as being both National and International Bestselling.

In 2019, Royalty Writes Enterprises published our first romance collection titled Voyages of the Heart, a destination romance series. Three of our first five volumes reached bestselling status and we received two bookish awards. We also received bestselling status with a suspense/horror collection.

Royalty Writes Enterprises does not require an agent for querying authors. There is a review process to make ensure that the publisher-author relationship will be a successful one, fitting the needs of both parties. We like to have close partnerships with our authors to make sure that each project is satisfactory.

Here at Royalty Writes Enterprises, our team is consistently growing to maximize exposure with each book release and with every author. We constantly employ new ideas to achieve not only our goals but the authors we represent as well.

Interview with RWE:

Which authors of VOTH are most likely to create shenanigans?

Jade Royal, Lucas Black, Leah Negron, JA Lafrance, Roux Cantrell, Lilly Black, and Roux Cantrell.

Which authors of VOTH pull off the “cool kids” vibe?

Amy Cecil, Michelle Heron, Aleisha Maree, and Thia Finn.

Which authors of VOTH are most likely to go on a super secret spy mission?

Gabriella Messina, Riley Bryant, Katherine LE White, and Elias Raven

How many cities are planned for 2021 in Voyages of the Heart?

There are eight cities planned for 2021 (to be announced).

How do you decide the color of the book covers?

The stripes are always the color of the cities’ flags.

How do you choose which authors are in each book of the VOTH series?

Variety. It’s a mixture of blending the right authors together and also balancing the different genres so that the readers don’t feel like the book is telling the same story in different ways.

What are some of the things that the authors have in common?

Writing, the love of reading, coffee, and cocktail hour. We also love to relax and have a good time together.

You can find out more about RWE (& stalk them properly) at… OR on their SLP site page



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