Annnnddd…. we’re back!!

After a much too long hiatus, some MAJOR restructuring, and a whole lot of redesign, the SLP website is back up and running.

We have a ton of new features, more information, and a wealth of content coming your way.

We’re still not 100% there, but we’re definitely close. Keep checking back to see fresh, new SLP Partner pages and a growing blog feed.

Questions? Concerns? Need more info? Just want to say hi? Hit up the contact form at the bottom.

AND, the SLP newsletter is in the works and on the way! If YOU want in, there’s a short subscriber form down there too. Fill it out and watch your email.

We’ll be using the next couple of weeks to take you on a guided tour of the website. Stick around & maybe give us a follow.

Till then….

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